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50hr Yin Teacher Training

Yin Yoga’s perspective is “stressing” the joints in a good way improving long term health.

While stressing anything seems odd, the rule with connective tissue is stressing will ultimately strengthen. The connective tissue within and surrounding joints needs to be exercised in a slow-steady load or Yin Yoga. The body responds by promoting flexibility in areas often perceived as nonmalleable, especially around the hips and lower back. 

During your training you’ll gain a deeper understanding of muscles, joints, compression, tension and how the body naturally protects you while in different shapes or forms.

The course also offers the pathway of meridians into Chinese medicine. The ida and pingala nadis are spoken of in yoga history activating the flow of Qi (Chi) energy.

This 4 Day Yin Teacher Training for anyone …

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Yin is fairly new to modern yoga studios, yet an ancient practice dating back as far as 2000 years. This form of medicinal movement was used as part of Daoist yoga. Paul Grilley is the ‘creator’ of Yin Yoga teaching alongside modern science. Yin yoga places small amounts of ‘good’ stress to our connective tissue surrounding joints. This assists in breaking up fascia, releases tension, improves joint mobility while improving aspects of movement. Holistically, it’s said that the yin unblocks stagnant ‘chi’ in the body, clearing the nadi channels or meridians moving emotional energy, mental stress and physical ailments.
Yin Teacher Training is a 45hr modular training complimentary to your initial 200hr teacher training. The hours are spread over 4 days with pre-course study and homework.
Restorative teaches the student to slow down by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. This gentle practice uses props to support the student as they completely surrender through breath and deep relaxation. Restorative Yoga postures may be held anywhere between 5-20 minutes to restore, renew and refresh the student.
Restorative Teacher Training is a 38hr modular training complimentary to your initial teacher training. The hours are all contact and spread over 4 days including pre course study and homework.

Yes, the course is for any person wanting to delve deeper into their own, unique being.  The course is for any Yin or Restorative Yoga student enthusiast, current 200hr yoga teachers in training and certified teachers.

Yoga offers a route to happiness that doesn’t depend on circumstances.

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