Become a Level 1 Yoga Teacher Online

Not everyone embarks on Yoga Teacher Training to become a Yoga Teacher in a class environment.  Many choose to weave their yoga studies in their day to day life. Integrating yoga knowledge into your day enhances self awareness, efficacy and self value.  This online Yoga Course is the first step to investing in personal development at home. It’s time to get passionate about life!


What is included?

Course Content

Why Online Teacher Training?

With recent global changes, our yoga school observed that staying at home was embraced by many who enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Yoga is one of those pleasures. The program is now reaching the more remote communities and those immunocompromised who may not wish to place themselves within large groups. We are changing with the times, moving slowly online accomodating our communities requests for home learning and in and outside yoga studios. 
There is a no refund policy on any Yoga Flow Training Programs