Sharon Neish Program Director

Hi, I’m Sharon,

I’m a wife, a mum to two beautiful humans and enthusiastic about life. There just isn’t enough time here so make every moment count.

I Love to…

really focus on one task at at time, tick off a ‘to-do’ list and have dinner cooked for me.

What I’m learning…

2022 – I’ve just completed Psychology First Aid to support the community going through crisis situations.

What I’m also doing…

I train and assess various health and fitness programs for sports excellence students across Queensland. love working with young adults helping and supporting their future selves. I also manage 5 studios, 60 instructors and 6 timetables at World Gym Burpengary PLUS manage and direct a yoga school.

Then there’s…

making an effort to visit the ocean once a week, stay well plugged into my loved ones and my dog Maple who’s laying at my feet as we speak…

You see…

Personal growth happens in the space between stimulus and responsiveness.  Within the pause is the power to empower or repeat past held patterns within the body.

Connect with me through social media or email for a chat.

Sharing Knowledge

You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for 100 miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your
body love what it loves.
You are perfect in your wholeness.
Your wholeness includes your scars,
your weaknesses,
your mood swings,
the days of your life you would rather pull the covers up
over your head and stay in bed.
Yoga is a practice of peeling away labels of ‘good’ and ‘bad,
embracing whatever form of beauty you bring to your mat
each day.
Code of ethics

Student | Teacher Code of Ethics

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What They Are Saying?

Gavin Howrd
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Sharon is an exceptional individual, fun, passionate and most importantly authentically honest. If and when you are ready to commit to yourself or are simply just curious, Sharon will hold space, coach and expand your true self into your full potential.
LockyandMaria McKenzie
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Yes yes yes yoga has changed my life especially the beautiful people I am meeting. I can’t believe that such good souls exist. Very grateful
Diana Godfrey
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i would like to share my experience of eat om yoga retreat Bali - i would recommend this to anyone wanting to rejuvenate, realign, and reassess your mind and body - i came away feeling light, refreshed and ready to make changes - a big thank you for this wonderful experience - life changing
Teena Bond
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I had the opportunity the attend Sharon's Bail Eat Om Yoga Retreat and the experience was nothing short of amazing. Yoga everyday, all meals taken care of, nothing to worry about.... surrounded by beautiful people in such a magical place. Sharon is a beautiful inspiring empowering soul. I learnt so much about myself and Yoga on this retreat. If you get the chance this is a must do experience. Thankyou Sharon xoxoxo
Sam Isitt
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I first meet Sharon at WGNL where I fell in love with her yoga class and the love for yoga each Wednesday night would be my favourite part of the week. I was going through a rough time in my life and it helped me beyond words. I’m now studying to be a yoga teacher because of her. Sharon is such a beautiful soul who inspires me to be a better version of myself each day. I’ve just come back from her Bali Eat Om yoga retreat which she gave me the most amazing opportunity to be the official photographer forever grateful what can I say the week was life changing in every way I’ve learnt and grown so much I’ve been so blessed by this amazing experience I’ll never forget. Thank you x1000 ���
Donna Towson
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The Big House Retreat with Sharon was amazing for the body,mind and soul. Thank you �� I recommend anyone who is thinking about trying a retreat with Sharon,jump in with both feet, you will Thank yourself for it!
Mandy Polsen
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Sharons retreat was a wonderful experience i highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going. take that leap out of your comfort zone and go in with an open mind and heart. you wont regret it. will definitely be going again xo
Kimberley Harmsworth
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Sharon is a benchmark for quality in the fitness industry. As a Coach, she effectively guides you to areas of growth and supports you, through holistic methods, to an awakening of the best version of you. Sharon's unique approach is authentic and empowering for all of her clients. A Coach, a Mentor and a Friend, Sharon will always have my humble recommendation and gratitude.
Angela Breen
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I just spent the weekend with Sharon and 10 other beautiful ladies. What an amazing Retreat. I highly recommend you taking a step out of your comfort zone (as I did) and experience what Sharon offers, you won't look back.
Michelle Penrose-Timms
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This lady is amazing her words of wisdom and support will always stay with you.