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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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Congratulations on your decision to become a Yoga Teacher with Yoga Flow. Taking the first step in online learning is easy, it’s not about perfection it’s about progress.  The course is open hours for 12 months meaning your course will expire after 12 months if left incomplete. I encourage you to use the program manual to refer to each quiz section for ease of understanding and retention.

The course uses Sanskrit in some parts as this is the traditional yogic terminology for asana and other ‘limbs’ of yoga. You are not expected to learn a new language, however you are expected to name two asana (poses) in your video practicum assessment eg. Savasana, Tadasana (mountain pose)

200hr Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum

Techniques | Training | Practices

asana  – pranayama – meditations

Anatomy | Physiology

anatomy – physiology – biomechanics

Yoga Humanities

history | philosophy | ethics

Professional Essentials

teaching methodology | professional development | practicum


supporting competencies

Let’s get started!

Over the duration of the Teacher Training you will be invited to explore, immerse and apply the teachings of this great and sacred practice. Regardless of whether you are walking this path for the first time or walking a well-worn path, as you transition through this course please be sure first and foremost, to practice self-care to keep your mind, body and Self connected, grounded and centred.   We invite you to navigate through this training with a commitment to learning and understanding. The training is designed to ensure that you become an effective, safe and knowledgeable teacher who is well equipped to meet the needs of the students you teach.

You may have heard of supporting organisations to register your certificate upon graduation. These organisations are here to enforce credentialing, course content and ongoing educational opportunities. Yoga Flow chooses to be endorsed by GOYA and AUSactive due to their honesty, integrity and member support.


CEC Provider
CEC Provider


GOYA represents a new wave in professional organisations, offering a dynamic and relevant alternative to traditional groups that may not fully cater to the evolving needs of students, teachers, and schools. It stands out for its proactive stance in supporting its members comprehensively.

For instance, Yoga Alliance, while a recognized entity, has shown limitations in keeping pace with the diverse and growing demands of the yoga community. In contrast, GOYA is structured to provide extensive support and benefits that are finely tuned to the current needs of the yoga teacher community.

As a special incentive, all Yoga Flow students are eligible for to register for their first year with GOYA at a significantly reduced rate of only $15.

USE DISCOUNT CODE: YOGAFLOW during registration.

Our recommendation is based on thorough research and consideration of what each group offers. We believe that GOYA emerges as the most sensible choice for everyone in the yoga community, offering unparalleled value and support that far exceeds that of other groups.


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