Advanced 300hr Yoga Teacher Training

300hr Advanced Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is for any student wanting to deepen their studies of yoga using the 7 principles of discipline.

Who is the program available to?

The training is available to students who’ve completed 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training.

What are The 7 Principles of Yoga?

  1. Breath
  2. Yielding | Relaxing the body
  3. Centering | Quiet the mind
  4. Support | Rooting
  5. Radiating
  6. Align | Intent
  7. Engaging | Connecting
How will the program benefit my current teaching offerings?
Advancing your Teacher Training takes you further into your own personal practice bringing light into yoga philosophy, sanskrit, asana, anatomy and the ancient art of chanting. 
The program offers advanced asana, 4 stages of sequencing, theming, core & arm balance asana, backbend asana, reclined asana, twist asana, inversions including headstands. The program covers 3 modules of Ayurveda plus practical applications into your daily life. 
The ethics component covers adjustments, trauma sensitive yoga teaching, holding space plus liabilities of touch.
You will be facilitating a retreat or workshop within the program duration including a business plan, run sheet and itinerary. 
What is the duration of the program?
The program is run over 8 months, one full weekend per month.
Course Dates 2020 – 2021
3rd & 4th October
21st & 22nd November
12th & 13th December
30th & 31st January
20th & 21st February
6th & 7th March
3rd & 4th April
8th & 9th May
The course also includes at home study which may extend your course from 18 months – 2 years.
 How do I apply?

Placements are limited to ten students due to personalised tuition.

Teacher Training Application

You can only meet others as deep as you meet yourself.

Advanced Teacher Training

Become further empowered to help heal others on a level that extends beyond initial training.

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Schedule

6.00amHatha Yoga with
9:00Beginners Yoga with Paula Vinyasa Yoga with
Hot Yoga with
 Restorative Yoga with
10:00Bodybalance with Deborah Hot  Yoga with
16:00    Vin Yin with
17:30 Hot Yoga with
18:00 Kids Yoga with
Hatha Yoga with
18:30Hatha Yoga World Gym BurpengaryBodybalance with
  Hot Yoga with
19:30Yin/Restorative with
 Yin Yoga with 

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