At Home with Sharon

Welcome to Yoga at Home with Sharon

Thank you for inviting me into your home to share yoga. 

Have you ever thought that everything you need is already within you?

Ancient yogis held the view that we actually have three bodies, the physical, astral and causal. Yoga is a movement of energy through the sheaths of these three bodies enabling you to think, see, hear, feel and know yourself better.

Another ancient principle tells us that the main task of yoga is the removal of obstacles that impede the natural functioning systems. This sounds easy enough to do but runs counter to a feeling a lack or missing.

What yoga can teach us is that everything essential we need fo our health and happiness is already present in our systems. 

We need to identify and resolve some of the obstacles that obstruct those natural forces from operating.

Yoga is ANYBODY regardless of age, infirmity or inflexibility. 

If there is breath and mind, then there is YOGA

Coronavirus is changing the world.

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