Day: June 21, 2018

Why Yoga?

Yoga began stirring within me after my daughters birth in 2000. I had these feelings of trauma and stress moving around my body no amount of running, achievements, weight loss or covering could shift. My curiosity began as I started studying the eight limbs of yoga. Intrigued by the simplicity and gentleness of this practice, …

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Untangle Yourself

Sometimes we become tangled in the fast paced world around us. We get all caught up in to-do lists, the distractions and pressures. I notice the undeniable urge to S L O W down even more retracting inward during the dark moon cycle. My wisdom is calling me to slow down and just be. In …

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Trust the Process

I’m guilty of letting people that don’t matter too much -matter too much wasting many years on this lesson. Life has tapped me on the shoulder one too many times diverting attention back to the importance of my work reminding me that others have to be open to receive. I’m constantly reminded that life is …

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