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150hr Advanced Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is for any student wanting to deepen their studies of yoga using the 7 principles of discipline.

Who is the program available to?

What are The 7 Principles of Yoga?

How will the program benefit my current teaching offerings?

Advancing your Teacher Training takes you further into your own personal practice bringing light into yoga philosophy, sanskrit, asana, anatomy, Ayurveda and the ancient art of chanting.

The program offers advanced asana, 4 stages of sequencing, theming, core & arm balance asana, backbend asana, reclined asana, twist asana, inversions including headstands. The program covers 3 modules of Ayurveda plus practical applications into your daily life.

The ethics component covers adjustments, trauma sensitive yoga teaching, holding space plus liabilities of touch.

You will be facilitating a retreat or workshop within the program duration including a business plan, run sheet and itinerary.

What is the duration of the program?

If you are ready to dive deeper into living your yoga, this program is for you. Taking the first step is the most challenging yet the most rewarding. Once you immerse yourself in yoga, you will experience inspiration and empowerment in all aspects of your personal, business, social and family relationships.
The program runs over 12 months, with supportive face to face and online learning. You gain access to our Yoga Education portal which include alignment, embodied philosophy, theming your classes, Ayurvedic lifestyle, yoga therapy, private practices plus much more…
Since opening our doors we are expanding into new studios throughout the Northside of Brisbane graduating the highest level of teachers.
Our Senior Teachers offer the best possible practices learning from advanced teachers all over the world including Bali, France, Canada, Japan, Portugal and the UK. 
We give you the skills and knowledge you need to develop your own authentic voice teaching to all levels in a classroom, online and a satsang yoga circle.

2021 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is fully booked.
2022 Dates will be available mid December.

How do I apply?

Complete the application form. Once application has been approved, a personalised payment plan or full payment of course can be made Advanced Teacher Training cost is $3350 on sale $1990 till 6pm, 31st January.

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150 Hour Advanced Teacher Training Application

Evidence of 200hr Yoga Teacher Training must be proven upon application for the Advanced Module.

I believe to the best of my knowledge, all of the information I have supplied to Yoga Flow is correct.

I understand this course consists of online learning assessments which must be completed prior to obtaining certification at the end of this course.

CONGRATULATIONS. You’re almost there. Sign forms where requested then allow 3 business days for processing your application.
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